20 April, 2018

Nicolas Frankel: I transform ideas into software

It`s the second time when he is coming to Iași for DevExperience, because he felt in love with our city and because he had such an amazing time during the conference. Nicolas Frankel is coming again to DevExperience and now he is bringing a very nice talk on how to improve your tests quality with Mutation Testing. Wanna know more about him? Read this interview that he gave especially for DevExperience!



19 April, 2018

Anca Dumitriu, Levi9: Innovation makes us smile

From the Diamond Galaxy, we are presenting you today our amazing Diamond Sponsor from Planet Levi9! We talked with Anca Dumitriu, Country Mananger among levininers, and we got a really nice interview with her! You can read it here and find out more about the cool people at Levi9, about their opinions on IT industry and their involvment at DevExperience!



18 April, 2018

Bianca Buisman: I help the phone to understand at what the camera is pointing. I create a visual browser for the world around you!

Bianca studied Computer Science High School in Iași and now she works in Zurich, at Google, as Software Engineer. She simply loves her job and she has a lot of things to share from her experience. Until you get to meet Bianca in person, you can know her a little better from this interview that she gave especially for DevExperience blog!



17 April, 2018

Marius Lupu, TiVo: We are Diamond Sponsor for the second year now, because DevExperience is a high level knowledge-sharing event

We`re telling you: our sponsors are shining just like diamonds! Because we have amazing partners for this journey, coming from the Diamond Galaxy! Today we present you the great crew from TiVo ship who sent their cool VP of Engineering and site leader, Marius Lupu, to give an exclusive interview for DevExperience! Read it here and come join us and our amazing sponsors from TiVo at the third edition of the absolutely normal IT conference in Iași!



16 April, 2018

Florian Enea, CEO E.ON Software Development: Developing yourself doesn’t mean only technical skills, but also communication and business understanding

We start our week before the big conference with a little shining from our Diamond Sponsor, E.ON Software Development (ESD). We spoke with Florian Enea, CEO ESD, who gave us an exclusive interview for DevExperience18, so you`d better read it here and find out more about the new startup within E.ON Group!



15 April, 2018

Eva Lettner: I am part of the great network of amazing people in Google Developers Expert program

Today, we want you to e-meet another amazing woman in IT that you are going to meet in person at DevExperience! She is Eva Lettner and she will teach you how to create art with code! Sounds pretty good, right? Read the interview with Eva and find out more about her work with Google and her opinion on IT world!



13 April, 2018

Vlad Galu: If you are the biggest fish in the pond, that is your cue to move to a bigger pond

Vlad Galu left Romania in 2009 and he is now VP Engineering at GlobalSign in London. He will give an amazing keynote talk on how to build successful engineering teams, so make sure you have your ticket that gives you access to DevExperience! Until the conference, you can get to know Vlad a little better from this really nice interview that he gave for DevExperience blog!



12 April, 2018

Bogdan Florea, Yonder: The result of your work isn’t the code you write

It is time for you to meet our great friends from Yonder, who joined us in this amazing journey as Diamond Sponsor. Today, we are bringing you a very nice interview with Bogdan Florea, Career Mananger at Yonder, who is answering our questions and also telling us a little bit more about the IT industry, the happiness of Yonder`s employees and the reasons why they support such cool and quality events like DevExperience!



11 April, 2018

Christos Matskas: You need a routine, a pattern to help you get to the next level

Christos Matskas is a software developer, blogger, speaker and all around geek. He currently works at Microsoft as an Azure Engineer (PFE) empowering developers and teams to do amazing things with technology. Until you get to meet Christos in person at the conference, we give you the chance to know him a little better from this interview that he gave to us.



2 April, 2018

Elisabeth Hocke: IT and product development are all about the people

Elisabeth Hocke is an amazing Agile Tester and she is coming to DevExperience to deliver a very nice talk about her work. She is also pasionate about voleyball, spending time with her friends or writing on her blog. Find out more about Lisi by reading the interview with her for the third edition of DevExperience!



1 April, 2018

Ádám Sándor: Don't compare yourself to others! Compare yourself to... yourself!

Time is ticking and we are about to get in that car and take the famous ride! To make the ride more pleaseant we need a very good Senior Engineer, so we chosed our favorite one: Ádám Sándor. You will get to meet Ádám in person on 23rd of April, at the big Conference and also on 24th of April, when he will bring you a very nice workshop on Kubernetes. Until then, you can know a little more about Ádám from this interview that he gave especially for DevExperience!



30 March, 2018

Alin Burlacu, Mambu: It is about groups working together

Because we want you to see for yourself how amazing the people at Mambu are, today we bring you a fresh new interview with Alin Burlacu, Developers Group Lead at Mambu. You will meet them in person during the Community Events and also at the big conference, because they are our Diamond Sponsor! Until then, enjoy this interview with Alin about Mambu, DevExperience, IT industry and many other attractive subjects!



28 March, 2018

Marcel Cutts: I try to find ways that computers can make people's lives better.

Meet Marcel Cutts, one of our amazing speakers from the FrontEnd track! Until you get to meet him in person at DevExperience, discover a few interesting things about him and his work by reading the interview with him!



26 March, 2018

Yury Petrov: Do you know Google? I keep it running

Interested about our DevOps track? Of course you are, especially that you will see there Yury Petrov, Site Reliability Engineer at Google! Find out more about Yury from this interview thet he gave to us and then make sure you register!



24 March, 2018

Corina Pip: The IT industry in Romania is huge

Today we are presenting you another amazing woman in IT and also a great DevExperience speaker – Corina Pip, a senior test automation consultant based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She loves not only automation, but also travelling and photography. You can discover more about Corina by reading her blog and also by reading the interview that she gave us for DevExperience.



22 March, 2018

Viktor Farcic: I tend to break things a lot and learn from the outcomes

A new fresh day, another amazing speaker. Today we bring you the interview with Viktor Farcic, senior consultant at CloudBees and author of several important materials on DevOps.



20 March, 2018

Viktor Slavchev: Maintain the junior mindset of being ready to always learn

Our interviews continue on DevExperience stage, so we pass the mic now to our dear neighbour from Bulgaria, Mr. Vicktor Slavchev!



18 March, 2018

Sebastian Golasch: Be curious and never be afraid to ask

Germany is in the house and it is bringing Sebastian Golasch! Sebastian is a Senior Developer at Deutsche Telekom and, of course, speaker at the third edition of DevExperience! So today we are getting to know Sebastian a little better from this interview that we took!



15 March, 2018

Anastasiia Voitova: There is no valid ”It is secure” statement. Only ”It has not been broken yet”

Let`s talk today with Anastasiia Voitova, Security enthusiast & Product Engineer at Cossack Labs! Anastasiia will have a very interesting talk at DevExperience about cryptography, but until then let`s get to know her a little better from this interview!



11 March, 2018

Yegor Bugayenko: We don't need countries anymore, we need comfortalbe coffee shops and fast Wi-Fi

Yegor Bugayenko has a fascinating life, so today we are peeking a little! He is a phylantropist, CEO and book author and, of course, he is speaking at the third edition of DevExperience!



8 March, 2018

David Schmitz: Technoloy is not that important. People are!

When quality and professionalism meets humour and humanity there you have David Schmitz! Let`s see a little David`s perspective on the event, on IT, on life



5 March, 2018

Win a free ticket at DevExperience 2018 Raffle

Starting today, 5 March, you can register on our Raffle if you want to win a free ticket to the third edition of DevExperience!



4 March, 2018

Seretta Gamba: The easy things have been automated. Now we can do the really cool stuff!

It is time to get to know better the amazing women that are going to speak at DevExperience this year! So, today we are presenting you the amazing Seretta Gamba, Test Automation Consultant and Test Manager with 40 years experience in development and 15 years in test automation.



28 February, 2018

Patroklos Papapetrou: As developers, we can have amazing careers no matter where we come from

At DevExperience we have speakers from all over the world. And due to the weather outside, we are thinking of sunny Greece, so we present you today Patroklos Papapetrou, one of the speakers that you will see during the Architecture track speaking about Clean Code and Code Quality.



26 February, 2018

Mark West: I use computers to make peoples lives better

We continue our interviews with one of our speakers from the Future Tech Track - Mark West, Department Manager Data Science at Bouvet, who will bring a very nice talk about Building a Smart Security Camera with Raspberry Pi Zero, Java and AWS.



22 February, 2018

Vladimir Novick: You should treat your life like a video game

Today we present you Vladimir Novick, Software Architect, Consultant, Worldwide Speaker and Published Author of React Native - Building Mobile Apps with JavaScript, who will bring you not only an extremely nice talk during the Frontend track, but also a highly quality workshop a day before the big conference!