Yegor Bugayenko

Yegor Bugayenko

Yegor Bugayenko is a programmer, founder, investor, and philanthropist. He writes code mostly in Java and also in Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript. He is the founder and lead architect of and

A Oracle Certified Master and Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect (OCMEA), a proud holder of ZCE, ZFCE, and OCUP certifications he has written a book about object-oriented programming called Elegant Objects, plus a few other ones.

He is the founder and CEO of Zerocracy, a software engineering and management platform with an absolutely unique methodology called XDSD
As a philanthropist, he donates a few thousand dollars every year (started in 2015) to the best open-source project at the time, which he picks himself out of about a hundred in a more or less fair competition.

Keynote: Math or Love

Yegor will talk about the future of the industry and the role of programmers in it.

Talk: How to cut corners and stay cool

You have a task assigned to you, and you don't like it. You are simply not in the mood. You don't know how to fix that damn bug. You have no idea how that bloody module was designed, and you don't know how it works. But you have to fix the issue, which was reported by someone who has no clue how this software works. You get frustrated and blame that stupid project manager and programmers who were fired two years ago. You spend hours just to find out how the code works. Then even more hours trying to fix it. In the end, you miss the deadline and everybody blames you.
Been there, done that?