Viktor Slavchev

Viktor Slavchev

My profession is software testing and by that I don’t mean mindless clicking on UI elements, nor comparing result to predefined expected states. When I talk about testing or perform testing or teach testing I always think of it as a scientific activity, process of evaluation of quality, exploration, of questioning, modeling, experimentation, risk assessment and gathering of information in general. In other words, I take software testing very, very seriously!

I come from a non-technical background - linguistics and I am very happy about it, since it provides me with a unique perspective and a lot of diverse experience which is always something that is beneficial in software testing.
In my previous experience as a software tester I was involved in many different projects related to mobile testing, testing of software products in the telco area, integration testing, test automation (even though I prefer the term “tool assisted testing”).

In general I am interested not only in the technical, but also in the scientific part of testing and its relation to other sciences like epistemology, system thinking, logic, problem solving, psychology and sociology.

If you are interested on my views on testing and want to read some more of my thoughts, you can visit my blog

Talk: Break to build - the mindset of the modern tester

I spent last couple of years performing, talking, writing and listening about software testing.
But what is software testing? I am told my job is to “break software”. But why break it, it looks good?! I like the programmers, they are my friends. And, as Michael Bolton says, “We don’t break software, it was already broken when we got it”.
I sure don’t break software for living, but I do something way better and much more satisfying - I break clichés about software testing.

So, my job as your guide in your journey in testing will be to break some clichés from the past in order to build the mindset of the modern tester.