Marcel Cutts

Marcel Cutts

Marcel is a vagabond software engineer whose work has ranged from providing software for satellites, to developing zombie based fitness apps for millions of users.
He can often be found courageously flinging himself at emerging technologies to explore what's all hype, what has substance, and what gives you the biggest hipster cred.

Talk: Write Reasonably Once, Run Everywhere

ReasonML continues to make giant strides into the JavaScript universe - but JavaScript is just the beginning for this rocket-ship.

Thanks to a suave OCaml backend, it’s possible to compile ReasonML to native code on nearly any platform. When ReasonML is paired with a library called Reprocessing, you can easily create compact, performant applications that run natively in the browser, on desktops, phones, and even embedded devices.

Does this really work? Will it hold up to scrutiny? Is it too good to be true?

Let’s find out together!