Bianca Buisman

Bianca Buisman

Bianca is a Software Engineer on the Assistant team at Google Zurich.
Prior to that she worked on Now on Tap, also part of Search, as well as YouTube and Ads. Before joining Google as a full time engineer she did two internships at Google Munich and Google Zurich. She has Masters Degree in Computer Sciences from RWTH Aachen and in 2009 she was awarded with an Anita Borg Scholarship by Google.

Talk: Machine Intelligence at Google

Machine Intelligence is currently one of the hottest topics in IT. The reason stems from the seemingly unlimited use cases where machine learning can help: from fraud detection to self-driving cars.

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Being pioneers of machine learning and deep learning, Google deployed it across a wide variety of use cases in order to achieve their aims.

In this talk I will go over Machine Learning techniques used at Google, as well as how many Google products use it.