Anastasiia Voitova

Anastasiia Voitova

Anastasiia is a software engineer, with the background of iOS development and with a passion for app security.
She is working on creating new crypto tools, maintaining open-source code and trying to make the world a safer place
She is educating developers and business how to make their products more secure, how to put users' data into safe boxes and decrease the risks.

In the hast years she has been leading teams: mobile and backends engineers, designers, data scientists, working together to make complicated ideas come true and bring joy for customers and users.

Talk: Don’t waste time on learning cryptography: better use it properly

Crypto in our lives: why you shouldn’t spend time learning all the details of the crypto-algorithms. Typical mistakes you make using crypto in your products. How to avoid late night commits, but to code 'fast and boring' instead.

The typical engineering workflow "we should protect the data, what shall we do", and possible mistakes.
What is "boring crypto", what do we want from using crypto-products.
Possible solutions: HSM / TPM / software crypto.
How to select appropriate software crypto: libs, systems, containers.
We want crypto to be similar to the Edison lamp: controllable and boring system.